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ADAS Camera Calibration Service

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In SOA Glass, our expertise extends from windshield replacement, to windshield calibration, screenings and quick assessments containing ADAS camera safety systems. ADAS such as lane change warning and emergency braking; work with cameras integrated into the windshield that needs to be calibrated from time to time. Every month, vehicle manufacturers surprise us with news related to safe driving in vehicles. Some do not go beyond being prototypes and, therefore, we do not finish seeing them on our streets and roads.

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What is ADAS Camera Calibration?

One of the innovations that are already among us is the ADAS system. It is a technology that combines the data collected through sensors to provide a 3D and high definition scan of the surroundings of the car. This is what is called ‘Sensor Fusion’. The acronym ADAS corresponds to ‘Advanced Driver Assistance Systems’. Although, it does not refer to a futuristic technology of any improbable use. But, it is an evolution of the cameras and sensors already equipped by some vehicles. The most significant implementation is the reduction of accidental collisions.

If your car already has this system, we remind you that in Soaglass we calibrate the car cameras with ADAS system integrated into the windshield. Note that we have the best technology to work with these lenses.

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Three Systems Integrated In One

The ADAS system integrates three others; LKAS (Lane Keeping Assist) lane maintenance system, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and CMBS (Collision Mitigation Brake System) or Impact Mitigation system. With ADAS technology, vehicles recognize objects and classify them, warn the driver of possible dangers and the bad state of the road and even, in some cases, can slow the car or stop it. They also avoid the threat of involuntary movements of the vehicle, solve the problem of dead angles and prevent lateral and reach collisions.

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What is the association between the
Windshield and the ADAS System?

Technologies encompassed in the ADAS system connect to the windshield of the car. In this way, the sensors that are installed in the front glass can detect the obstacles around your vehicle in a precise way. It then transmits the information to the control center so that the vehicle performs the corresponding maneuver. For this reason, the calibration of the system must be perfect. Otherwise, the driving aid will not work correctly because the data collected by the car will not be 100% reliable.

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ADAS Cameras and Safety Sensors

The windshield calibration of these cameras is a complex operation and requires the use of high precision instruments in the workshops — also, the appropriate training for the technicians who are going to use them. In Soaglass, we are experts in ADAS Camera calibration. It is a service included in your auto glass coverage insurance, so you will not have to pay any extra in any case. We redouble our commitment by delivering the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) calibration solution to ensure safety and the highest possible comfort. Most of these systems are located on the windshield.

Listen up!

Regardless of the replacement of windshield glass, a front camera must be calibrated when the following circumstances occur: