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Located in the Phoenix for more than ten years, we are a company that is committed to the quality of service and attention, meeting the highest standards of customer demand. We know that your vehicle is important to you. Hence, we strive every day to finish the auto glass repair work in the most efficient way, in the shortest possible time.

We believe that damaged glass is not only annoying to the vision; it is also dangerous and can be a reason for rejection in-vehicle verification. Got questions? Do not hesitate to contact us and come to know us!


We perform the repair and replacement of laminated glass minimizing the environmental, economic impact and maintaining the originality of the vehicle.

Our auto glass repairs look better and will not break or discolor over the life of the windshield. We can eliminate most of the glass rayon while minimizing or eliminating visual distortion.

Repairing your windshield, instead of replacing it, offers many benefits for both consumers and businesses.

The repair of windshield glass is usually ten per cent (60%) less than the price of new windshield glass.

A repair of the glass of your car only takes approximately 20-30 minutes, and your vehicle is ready to be driven immediately.

Soaglass offers mobile services to your home or business from all our locations.

Most windshield glasses are not recyclable and end up in our garbage fields.

Windshield glass repair allows you to keep the original factory seal intact.

Repairs will eliminate any discoloration that may distract vision for secure handling.


Three crucial factors lack when you try to “Do It Yourself” with a repair kit. It will result in a waste of time, wasted money, and a poor repair or replacement of windshield glass. Two other factors that play a pivotal role in quality repair are equipment and resin. As most DIY repair kits cost less than $ 15, their manufacturing cost is limited to around $ 3 or $ 4. For that, you get an imported toy, not a quality repair tool.

man installing a windshield
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We never fall behind. We are continually testing and developing new resins and technology that allows us to remain as world leaders in quality and results in the repair of cracks or fissures in Windshield glass.


Soaglass is always exceeding the expectations of each of his clients. We dedicate this joy to the support and efforts of our staff in Phoenix.

All technicians are required to wear a uniform at work. Your professional image is part of the customer service program offering security to all our customers.

We complete a two-week training program before their certification to repair the front window repair, windshield glass, a crack or fissure.

Soaglass stands out from the heap as a leader in technology, training and customer service because our windshield glass repair programs are designed from full customer satisfaction, and without budget problems or logistical difficulties.

We want you to always ask for Soaglass when you need a windshield repair. We are prepared to do our job exceeding your expectations and thus ensure what happens with the repair.

Soaglass Auto Glass Repair Company is a dynamic family-business franchise opportunity with ten years of service to the commercial and insurance industry for repairing damaged and cracked windshields. The repair service offers excellent savings to the customer at a fraction of the replacement cost. It ensures that the original factory seal will be preserved. We provide the convenience of mobile service for the home or workplace.

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Have any of the windows of your car suffered an impact or a small crack? We repair and replace all the windows of the vehicle, whatever the brand. We will take care of everything, including processing with your insurance. Most of the time, the repair of the windows of the car is fast and clean. The arrangement only takes between 20 and 30 minutes. With our repair service, we can repair the windows of the car at home or work.

If the windshield of your car has suffered any damage, let our professional installers examine it. They can help you determine if repair or replacement is necessary. Requesting an appointment is very simple: click here immediately we will fix the damages of your car! Repair or Replacement of the Windows of the Car?

Sometimes, it is not possible to repair the glass of the car, and it is necessary to replace it. Safety always comes first.

In Soaglass, the repair is always the first option to save you time. If you have insurance, both repair and replacement are free most of the time. We are a company dedicated to the market for the state-of-the-art- auto glass repair and replacement services. We try to do an excellent job with quality. We have qualified staff to provide a prompt and quality service. required.

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